For decades,

QDOBA has held undisputed claim to the creamiest, tastiest, most-beloved queso in town. So when Chipotle, the burrito-bartering Goliath to QDOBA's cheese-dip David, decided to release a queso of their own, backed with the full might of a multi-million-dollar ad campaign, we knew we had to do something big to win the queso wars once and for all.




So how did QDOBA's simple, delicious queso take on Chipotle's multi-million-dollar queso marketing machine? Easy. We let Twitter do it for us.


Watch the queso study


See, we noticed Twitter liked QDOBA's queso a whole lot more than Chipotle's... so we figured, if we really want to show the world whose queso is boss, all we have to do is take all of the most outrageously positive things that people have tweeted about QDOBA's queso, and animate them into 5-to-10 second GIFs.

Chipotle had no response - how could they? Even the best tweets about their queso were just people arguing, "it's tolerable, I guess."


Then we ramped up the heat…


We began seeking out spicy disses of Chipotle's queso and responding with our own queso-themed reaction GIFs - because we would never speak ill of a competitor, but we've got no problem giggling, smirking, and directing attention to the most savage disses that are already out there. After all, it's #TheirWordsNotOurs, right?


To top it off,

every response to every negative tweet about Chipotle (all 1500+ of them) included a coupon code for those dissatisfied with their Chipotle queso experience to come to QDOBA and enjoy a order of queso done right - on us. 


Not only did we have a massively positive sentiment rate, we garnered MORE THAN

13.4M Impressions, 3.5M Media Views and over 90K Engagements within the first 24 hours.